Christian Siriano Cleans Up With O-Cel-O Sponge Deal

Payless we get. Starbucks is stretching it. But talk about random: Christian Siriano’s latest marketing partnership is with O-Cel-O, the iconic makers of sponges. (The cleaning aids not the birth control method.) The “Project Runway” winner and brand whore is apparently working with the cleaning products company to “give the everyday scrub sponge a fierce makeover.” We’re not sure what this means. Some new scrub feature that resembles Siriano’s signature hair style? Burberry-inspired prints? Sponges that double as clutch purses? O-Cel-O is oh-so-excited about this collaboration that they’re even offering a sweepstakes—the winner will get to go to NYC for Fashion Week to see Christian’s runway show. (Are you scrubbing for joy yet?)

To Siriano’s credit, he’s a bit of a maverick when it comes to promoting his business. People may call the designer a sell-out for his endorsements and collaborations, but perhaps he’s pioneering a new model for artists who want to survive the industry and succeed. Actors do the catering thing on the side. Ballerinas dance at strip clubs. Models work at Hooters. Same diff, right? (Sort of.) [O-Cel-O via The Cut]