Bad Habit: I Tell People How Much I Paid

I have this weird habit. Despite being very uncomfortable talking about money in almost every other scenario, whenever someone compliments me on something I’m wearing, I immediately blurt out how much I paid for it, but only in cases when I’ve gotten a great deal. For example, while walking my dog this morning, I ran into my neighbor, who complimented my yellow dress.

“Thank you! It’s actually Club Monaco, but I got it at Buffalo Exchange [a resale mini-chain] for $20!” I blurted out. Oops. Homegirl didn’t ask me where I got it, let alone for how much, so why did I tell her? The thing is, I do this all the time.

Coworker: “Oooh, love your gold bag!”

Me: “Thanks! Kate Spade, consignment store, 80 bucks!”

Friend: “That’s a cute necklace!”
Me: “Thanks, it was only, like, $5 at Forever 21.”

I think my instinct is to explain how much I paid for something to prove to god knows who that I’m a smart, frugal shopper. I do love hunting for a deal, mining consignment shops and thrift store racks for designer goods at low prices, or finding trendy items at cheap stores and making them look “rich” in combination with other items in my closet. I don’t want, for whatever reason, people to think I spend an arm and a leg on everything I wear, I guess. Which is why if I am wearing something expensive, or something that I bought at full price, I don’t blurt out the buying info like a audio issue of Lucky magazine. You’ll never hear me say proudly, “Oh thanks, got this Marc Jacobs dress full price at Bloomingdales — $600!” Not that I would ever pay that much for a dress. Puh-lease.