9 Easy Strategies For Hitting On A Dude

Back in my mom’s day, the ladies had to wait for the Sadie Hawkins Dance to ask a guy out. Nowadays, we women are totally free to hit on dudes, whenevs. Yay! But also, eek! Man, making the first move is stressful. But the alternative is potentially passing up an opportunity to meet someone awesome. So, muster up your inner badass and try your luck at one of these easy (OK, and a little silly) flirting strategies.

  1. Directions: Men hate asking for them, but they sure don’t mind giving them. In fact, if they think you’re hot, they just might escort you there.

  2. Bake: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and from what I’ve seen, it’s not a bad route. I have a lady friend who always bakes brownies for parties, then she goes around passing them out … and flirting. She’s very popular.
  3. Smile: Not like a creepy robot, but when you notice him noticing you, flash him those pearly whites. This is a subtle, lazy way out, but it can be effective, especially if he’s waiting for a sign to hit on you.
  4. Depend On The Kindness Of Strangers: Could you open this jar? Or reach this high-up thing for me? This approach might not work if you look like our own 6-foot Susannah. But, if your gag reflex doesn’t mind the adorably helpless routine, it will help you meet that handsome stranger you’ve been ogling at a store.
  5. Help Him: The other side of that coin. Is he washing a car, studying for a test, building something? Offer to pitch in. It’ll bond you two. Also, he’ll owe you a thank-you drink.
  6. Compliments: Duh. They work on everybody. Pick something that can spark a convo.
  7. Location, Location, Location: Proximity is everything. Get next to him in line, at the bar, on the dance floor, then whatever you do or say will seem natural because you’re already next to each other. You don’t need that “walk over and say hello” moment, you’re already chillin’ nearby.
  8. Up In Smoke: This one only works if your a smoker. It’s best if he’s a smoker because then you can usually have a cig’s worth of conversation casually. But you can still ask any man for a light for your cigarette. If he thinks you’re cute, he’ll at least find you some matches.
  9. Fall For Him: More specifically, fall into him. Have a friend “accidentally” push you, gently. Warning: This only works in a crowd where he can’t see your set-up, like at a concert or a club. After you get knocked into him, you’ve: 1) sparked chemistry with physical contact; 2) he’s “rescued” you, which he thinks you find irresistible; 3) it seems like fate has pushed you together and; 4) you both immediately have something to talk about. Bonus, it’s also a way to test if he’s a gentleman. This is my move of choice when I’m at a big party. And it totally works — just ask my ex-boyfriends.
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