10 Things To Do While Camping Out For “Eclipse”

I don’t even think it’s worth making fun of hardcore “Twilight” fans because they make it a lil’ too easy, what with their “Twilight”-themed bedrooms and all. According to People, since Monday, hundreds of Twi-hards have been camped out in front of the L.A. theater where the “Eclipse” movie premiere will be held on Thursday.

Four days is an awfully long time to be camped out on pavement, just inches away from your neighbor. I bet these diehard “Twilight” fans are getting a little bored, so here are 10 things they can do while waiting.

  1. Play rounds of MASH using only stars from the movie, until you are marrying Robert Pattinson, having 12 kids, living in a mansion in the French Riviera, and driving a Delorean.
  2. “Eclipse” trivia! The loser goes home.
  3. Stage an all-out, no holds barred war between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Hey, it’s a good way to thin the ranks and weed out the competition. Or keep things non-violent and go for Capture the Flag?
  4. Bust out your “Twilight” trading cards and start swapping. If you’re lucky, maybe you can get a full deck of Edward Cullen, glaring in 52 different ways!
  5. Organize a huge game of “Twilight” role playing. Go ahead, cover yourself in glitter and bite your neighbor on the neck.
  6. Put the “Twilight” soundtrack on repeat and stare at the cast poster your brought. So dreamy.
  7. Show off your “Twilight” credit card. Mommy said to only use it in an emergency but go ahead, order a pizza.
  8. Camping out amidst sweaty bodies and screaming girls is the perfect time to propose to your loved one. Wow her with the “Twilight” engagement ring and she can’t possible turn you down. Give her neck a little nibble to seal the deal.
  9. Make all your fellow Twi-hards jealous with your ginormous Jacob body pillow.
  10. Discuss what might happen in the “Eclipse” movie ad naseum. It doesn’t matter that you’ve read the book 700 times and know the plotline by heart. This is the movies—anything could happen.