10 Mature Ladies Who Took It Off

helen mirren 012110 main jpg
Helen Mirren can do no wrong and I totally applaud her for going topless in the new New York magazine.

[UPDATE: New York wants to keep all evidence of Helen’s nekkidness to themselves and made us take down the photos, so if you want to see, you’ll have to go over yonder. Or you can boycott them for being mean and selfish like I am. Just kidding. Sort of.]

If I’m that hot when I’m nearly 65-years-old, I’m going to frolic on beaches all day in bikinis, doing whatever the hell I want. I might still be looking for my body confidence (I think I left it under that pizza over there?), but plenty of mature women have been living in their skin happily for decades and I, for one, am happy they go a bit nakey every once in a while! We’ve rounded up some of these foxy ladies who took it off in their golden years.

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