Rapist Complains He Confessed Only After Lettuce-Diet “Torture”

Bruce Tuck, an alleged serial rapist, is whining that authorities tricked him into confessing. Evidently, they put the 275-pound dude on a lettuce-only diet and then tempted him with a bag of chips in exchange for information. Tuck also said that he might not be mentally competent (can’t argue with that), claimed he was never read his Miranda rights, and insisted that detectives had another “person of interest” that they didn’t bother pursuing. Probably because there was his DNA at the scene of the crimes? Tuck pled guilty in December to three sexual assaults and 21 possible felony charges including rape, kidnapping, burglary, and robbery. He was arrested at his parents’ home, surrounded by items taken during the attacks … but insists cops didn’t have a warrant or his parents’ permission to search the house. Tuck faces a 60-year sentence.

Boo-hoo. Let’s call this guy a wahmbulance. Sometimes I wish that they would let me play the bad cop in these cases because I would love to give this monster a piece of my mind. Whining because they only feed you lettuce? Welcome to the world of womanhood. We’re supposed to eat salad everyday and we really want chips, too! Instead of coming up with a million loopholes, this guy should try some remorse for attacking and ruining three women’s lives. I have no sympathy. Starving kids across the world would kill for that lettuce. What do you guys think—is this insane or am I just being PMSy? [Newser]