Partying With Co-Workers: Is There A Line?

Hallelujah! It’s Friday, and that means one thing: Happy Hour. You go out after work, the boss treats everybody to a round and you loosen up a bit. You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, and you always enjoy having a few beers on a Friday evening. But is there a line? After the jump, read more and tell us how you act when you’re out with your fellow employees.My friend recently went to a yacht club for her company’s anniversary party. She drank throughout the all-day affair, but not excessively. But, alas, a co-worker got wasted, danced her heels off, and made a fool of herself. The next day, she received the “game ball,” something the office gives out after social events to the person who embarrassed themselves the most the day or night before. Not exactly what you want to put on your resume, right? I’m not sure if the employee was proud of her award or mortified by her behavior. I would probably be the latter. Who wants to be known as the party girl in a corporate setting?

Do you act appropriately at social functions for work, or do you think it’s okay to let your guard down completely when you’re not at your desk? Is there a difference between a work-related gathering (like an event) and a gathering of co-workers that has nothing to do with work, even if your boss is present at both? How do you handle yourself at a party? Tell all in the comments!