Isaac Mizrahi Channels Vintage “90210” Prom On His Runway

If Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor were pissed that they had the same dress for West Beverly’s prom in ’91, imagine how mad they’ll be at Isaac Mizrahi for doing the dress all over again and sending it down the runway. Okay, Mizrahi may not have been out to sabotage Brenda and Kelly’s prom dreams, but a dress that marched down his resort runway did look a hell of a lot like a latter day version of the “90210” mini with its huge cream bow. Side by side images after the jump. [Shine]
If the girls grew up and went to a highschool reunion, this is what they’d wear. Then, upon realizing they’d made the same mistake twice, they’d scratch one another’s eyes out in an epic cat fight the likes of which the world has never seen before. [Lily’s “90210” knowledge is clearly not as vast as mine, as I do remember there was an episode where the gang went to a high school reunion. Brenda wasn’t present, however. She had moved to Europe to “act” by that point in the show. — Editor Amelia, President of the Old Skool 90210 Fan Club]