How To Dress To Meet Your Ex

There are few things more horrifying than running into an ex on the street when you’re on the way to the gym or, i don’t know, going on three days sans shower and maybe not smelling so normal. Scheduled ex sightings, however, leave endless room to look awesome and either A) make him completely regret ever leaving you or B) drive home the point that you’re too good for him. Jezebel’s guide to dressing for a meeting with your ex almost has us wanting to call up our old boyfriends for a drink and some drooling. The advice — like “look like yourself” — is fairly straightforward, but few things make tons of sense when you’re about to see an ex for the first time since a breakup and the little reminders to calm the hell down are actually pretty helpful. Check out the tips and look dashing next time you make a former makeout partner insanely jealous. [Jezebel]