“Glee” The Movie?

It looks like the gleeks of New Directions may be going in a new direction—toward the big screen. The word is that the entire cast is contractually obligated to appear in not one but three “Glee” flicks. But do we really want to see “Glee” on the big screen? It sounds like a potential disaster to me. Some things are just meant for TV and trying to fit them into a film format often turns out to be a mistake. (Hear us, “Sex and the City” and “Entourage?”) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. “Glee” is not very-plot heavy to begin with. It’s the music that lets us ignore the gaping holes long enough to suspend our belief. What could the kids possibly get up to for two full hours that we haven’t already seen? So what do you think—yay or nay? [NY Post]

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