Former “Biggest Loser” Contestant Reveals The Big Fat Truth About The Show

Kai Hibbard, a former contestant on “The Biggest Loser,” has decided to come forward and shed some light on how such major pounds are really shed on the show. Wait—reality TV isn’t real? What? “The Biggest Loser” is a $100 million franchise? No way! Props to Kai for coming forward to admit that she “participated in a myth that hurts people.” After the jump, some of Kai’s big, fat confessions about her time on “The Biggest Loser.”

  • A week is not really a week on TV. Yeah, so those 12 pound weight losses you see happen in more than seven days. Good to know.
  • The weight loss methods weren’t always healthy. Because big weight loss numbers draw big ratings for the show, there was pressure from producers to crank up the volume. Kai left knowing how to “dehydrate” before weigh-ins. “Dehydration” is a method of temporary weight loss where people can exercise excessively, wear warm clothing or garbage bags, use a sauna, chew gum, or use diuretics to lose water weight before a weigh-in.
  • Contestants were encouraged to engage in unhealthy eating practices. Kai says she left the show with an eating disorder. The pressure to perform left her with a warped body image and unhealthy relationship to food. The show considered coffee an acceptable meal supplement. Her hair fell out, she had extreme anxiety, and her family and her husband had to stage an intervention.
  • “The Biggest Loser” contestants are under hush-hush contracts, which is fairly standard practice for reality TV. The point is that she may get sued for sharing these stories. She claims that at least six other contestants have come to Kai to share similar stories. [Celebitchy]

Does this change the show for you?