Fashion Tragedy: Burberry Model Commits Suicide

The world of fashion is a place full of richness, luxury, and art. But it’s also an industry known for an obvious dark side. Does it, however, cause people to take their lives? Following the huge controversy over Alexander McQueen’s death, another shock now comes from the style world: Burberry model Tom Nicon, the male face of the brand, has committed suicide. The 22-year-old jumped out the window of his fourth floor apartment in Milan. Reportedly, Nicon had been having problems with his girlfriend. While police are citing this as a probable motivator of his death, it’s nevertheless disturbing to see Nicon’s actions add to a frightening trend in model statistics. Several models have taken their own lives recently including Noemie Lenoir in May and Daul Kim, a face of Gap, who left clues about her fatigue from work and depression online before hanging herself. [Telegraph]