Could You Wear Only Six Items For One Month?

If you were forced to choose just six items of clothing to wear for one whole month, could you do it? And more importantly, which pieces would you pick? While Sheena Matheiken devoted herself to wearing just one dress for an entire year, there’s a new challenge on the blogosphere, thanks to Six Items or Less. It’s pretty straight forward; chose just six pieces of clothing to wear for 30 days, document your experience, and learn how clothing choices affect you. While you’re limited to those few options, in the interest of being clean you can have multiples of one item. Work-out clothes, work uniforms, underwear, jackets, and accessories don’t count, so technically, this undertaking is much easier than Sheena’s year long effort. Yesterday was the first official day of the challenge, and already a wide variety of people have submitted blog posts and pictures, ranging from stay-at-home moms to students to CEOs, which should provide for an interesting sartorial experiment. [Six Items or Less]