Alex And Ani’s Charm Bracelet Is Basstastic!

This last season of “Gossip Girl” felt a bit like a hookup without an orgasm. As in, you got psyched up for it, but went home completely frustrated (last time we checked, a “plot twist” wasn’t something completely predictable, or a coupling some writers pulled out of a hat). One of our biggest gripes: where was Chuck Bass’s bangin’ wardrobe? We used to shriek with glee every time the smooth-voiced boy showed up in an orange trench coat or a purple velvet suit. Somehow, jewelry company Alex and Ani manages to make up for it all with this gold Chuck Bass charm bracelet. How could you not get off after seeing that blingy charm sporting the Hotel heir’s name? We’d wear this with pride, Chuck, because we’ll totally take you back. Unlike some headband-wearing brunettes we know. Best of all, at $29, this accessory doesn’t come with “Gossip Girl” prices. [Bluefly]