5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Change Your Life With Feng Shui

I do not get along with anything new-agey. I don’t meditate, I don’t read horoscopes (sorry Kiki!), I’d never go to sweat lodge like Ami did. Not only have never read The Secret, I’ve tried to convince others not to. But there’s always been something about the idea of feng shui that’s appealed to me. Probably because it’s not new at all—the art of how your space affects your well-being is actually ancient. For Mother’s Day, I got my mom, who is in the process of moving, a feng shui consultation with Ann Bingley Gallops of Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City. And I was completely fascinated by the advice she gave for organizing, arranging, and decorating. “Feng shui is about creating an environment for yourself that is completely nourishing and supportive for whatever your goals happen to be right now,” she said. “These are tools and techniques that have been around for thousands of years that support you in a general way and also very specific ways.”

So I decided to give Anne five life scenarios that Frisky readers often ask about—from how to find a dude to how to get out a new job—and get tips from her on making each happen. After the jump, how you can change your life with a little feng shui. If you’re single and are looking to meet someone…

Pay attention to what’s on your walls. “Single people have so much art in their space that represent singleness—photographs of themselves by themselves, or paintings of single people, or photographs of a building by itself in a landscape,” says Ann. “There’s nothing sending the message that they’re interested in being together with someone.” So start pairing things up—pick art that represents twos, make sure your candlesticks have a match, put up photos of you with friends and family. Oh, and make sure your bed isn’t so full of pillows (and hi, no stuffed animals) that someone else couldn’t sleep there. It’s about the symbolism, here.

If you’re in a couple and are looking to take things to the next level…

Focus on your bedroom, since it’s where the magic happens. (Sorry, had to.) If you live separately, start treating your bedroom as if you don’t. Make your bed super comfortable for two—have matching end tables with matching lamps. Clean out your closets and get rid of the junk so that there’s symbolic room for someone else. If you live together and are starting to think about marriage, think about what you can do to make things even more balanced in the bedroom. “Make sure there’s equal space on each side of the bed, so both people can get in and out just as easily,” says Ann. “And get rid of any excess furniture in the room so that you can both move around more easily.”

If you’re hoping for a promotion, or a new job…

Ann explains that feng shui uses what’s called an “bagua energy map,” which divides a space into nine areas—one in the center, eight around it—with each sector having to do with a different part of life. “The entrance area is called ‘career and life journey,’ and it’s very close to the doorway,” she says. “So the number one thing to do is to clear any clutter. Make your doorway beautiful. Put art there that has to do with water—a fountain, goldfish, a picture of a boat. That represents moving forward.” Oh, and get rid of any dead plants in your place—only keep the healthy ones.

If you want to strengthen your friendships…

On the bagua map, to the right of the entrance is your “travel and helpful people area.” “It’s a weird name, but this area is about getting out in the world and finding the people who will be the most supportive to you,” says Ann. “Put up photos of people who are really important to you. Embody them in your space.” You can even do this for someone who’s not currently in your life but you’d like to bring back.

If you want to get yourself out of a funk…

The best thing you can do is to start clearing out the clutter, even from spaces that aren’t visible. And Ann has another idea, too. “There’s an ancient feng shui game called the ‘magic of 27 things,’” says Ann. “You go around and your space and pick up and put down 27 things. You can put them right back where they are, or move them. It just gets you going. It’s very motivating. It’s magical and it will change the energy in your space enough that things can start to happen.”

Happy redecorating and cleaning!

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