10 Possible Reasons Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Split

Yesterday, we reported that Bachelor Jake’s fiancée, Vienna Girardi, was spotted at a Summer Solstice Beach party in Santa Monica over the weekend flirting with “Greek” cast member Gregory Michael in the VIP area. Today comes news from the couple’s rep that just a few months after getting engaged on national television, the two are splitsville. Gee, no one saw that coming! It seemed like such a match made in heaven — two smarmy, fame-hungry individuals who look good in bathing suits hooking up on a reality show. What possibly could have gone wrong? After the jump, we speculate on the top 10 possible reasons Jake and Vienna have gone their separate ways.

  1. Jake could never quite be certain Vienna was, ahem, the “woman” for him.
  2. Vienna rode that fame train as far as it would take her before she started getting motion sickness.
  3. Real life just wasn’t as much fun once the cameras stopped rolling.
  4. They realized that together, they had the whitest teeth on planet earth, and it was just too much for America to handle.
  5. Jake just wants to focus on his acting career for now (snort).
  6. Vienna decided she was too young to have two divorces under her belt.
  7. Jake decided he made a mistake in not taking Ali back when he had the chance and is now in hot pursuit before Roberto wins her over for good.
  8. Vienna got sick of Jake thinking he was the “dancer” in the family.
  9. Jake refused to release a sex video for publicity, which was the final straw for Vienna.
  10. They both wanted to have summer flings with other D-listers before their fifteen minutes are officially up.