The Butch Clothing Company Will Give “Butch Women” Confidence

Entrepreneur Shaz Riley, who proudly calls herself a butch lesbian, was so sick of dealing with negative people when shopping in the men’s department that she has created Butch Clothing Company, a line of clothes specifically for butch women. According to Riley, butches don’t want to be men, but they also don’t want to wear women’s clothing. So, until now, their only choice was to wear men’s clothes, which brought its own complications. For starters, all that room in the crotch of men’s pants is unnecessary for a woman. But more importantly, Riley says butch women are often met with rudeness when shopping for men’s clothes. She hopes Butch Clothing Company will give these women the confidence to be themselves while at the same time challenging the stigma associated with the “butch” label. The line will carry shorts, trousers, and T-shirts, but the primary focus will be on formal suits for civil partnerships. Rojo Caliente, are you listening? [The Guardian]

Tags: fashion, lesbians