New TV Addiction: “You’re Cut Off”

Hey guys, guess what? I have a new favorite show! It’s called “You’re Cut Off,” it’s on VH1, and I got sucked into a few episodes yesterday afternoon as I recovered from World Cup day drinking. The show is a mix of “My Super Sweet 16,” “The Real World,” and, like, “The Biggest Loser,” in that it features a bunch of super rich bratty twits living in a house together and whoever makes the most improvements in the end “wins.” These rich brats are actually all adults who have behave like such horrible, entitled princess bitches that their “benefactors” — i.e. the parents/spouses who pay for their lifestyles — are cutting them off until they learn to be more respectful and appreciative or something. In order to learn these lessons, the women have been sent to live in a house together, where they are given various chores in order to earn their allowances for the week. These chores include cleaning up after themselves — say what?! — and playing maids for the day in a house owned by Omarosa from “The Apprentice.” They also have group therapy sessions where we learn why these ladies are such awful human beings. For example, Erica Rose — who you may remember fondly as the chick who wore a tiara during Prince Lorenzo’s season of “The Bachelor” — is a stuck up and beauty-obsessed snot because her dad, a plastic surgeon, sometimes make liposuction noises at her. My second favorite trainwreck is Gia, who’s been cut off by her husband, won’t lift a finger during the chore challenges, and is clearly nowhere on the road to princess recovery. Clip above!