Kim Kardashian Loves Big Boobs As Long As They’re Not Breastfeeding

Kim Kardashian generously shares her T&A with the world. But when it comes to a mother breast feeding her baby in public? Kim says, “EWW.”

On Saturday, the reality star tweeted that a woman sitting next to her at lunch was breastfeeding with no cover-up and then put the baby on the table to change its dirty diaper. She later tweeted the mom “had her boobs out” and her sister Kourtney breast feeds, but at least “covers herself” and does not have her “boobs exposed.” Because if there’s one thing Kardashian sisters stand for, it’s modesty!

After the jump, see Kim’s backpedaling on Twitter:

Poopy diapers at lunchtime would give us the pukes, too, but Kim seems utterly unaware of her own hypocrisy on the boobies front. If she didn’t want her tweet “misunderstood,” she just should have left breastfeeding out of it. [Twitter]