“Jersey Shore,” Season Two: Now With Less Offensive Italian Stereotypes

Before “Jersey Shore” appeared, calling someone a “guido” was offensive. Like, you did not do that unless you were cruising for an ass-kicking. Then there was this bizarre post-“Jersey Shore” era where you heard words like “guido” and “guidette” more on MTV than “boobs” or “oh my God, Heidi, you have to break up with Spencer!”

Not anymore, says Andre DiMino, head of UNICO, an Italian-American pride group. DiMino said he met with Viacom, MTV’s parent company, and they claimed our beloved “Jersey Shore” will cool it with the derogatory language, shots of the Italian flag, and offensive Italian stereotypes. (That seems only fair, since Snooki and J-Woww aren’t even Italian, anyway.) DiMino says he is only “cautiously optimistic,” because the folks at MTV probably are tricky bastards.

Rats, I guess we won’t get to see Vinny’s mama make six trays of meatballs and then wash all the dirty dishes by herself. But we still get to keep the guido/guidette nickname generator, right? [NJ.com]