How Long Before You Let A Guy See You Without Makeup?

I met a girl the other night who, I kid you not, claims to wake up before her boyfriend to put on makeup before going back to bed and re-waking-up with him. And she said it as though it ain’t no thang. Best part? She’s been with this dude for three months. Umm, what? For me, date three typically consists of biking or rock climbing, sweat and an utter lack of eyeliner, so I was a tad flabbergasted at the thought of keeping up that charade for months. The Frisky staff has weighed in on the matter — most of us falling somewhere between sleepover one and month two — and we want to know about you, too. So tell us: how long do you go before the new guy sees you sans fards? Jessica — 1 month:

I probably stopped wearing makeup all the time around my boyfriend about a month into our relationship. I was sleeping over his apartment almost every night and lugging around my makeup bag got annoying. Maybe if I had a bigger purse I would have carried on longer! I think when you’re regularly falling asleep and waking up next to a person, the jig is up. No guy seriously believes you have naturally bronzed skin tone and rosy cheeks. He’ll know you’re putting on makeup for him. And then you just look insecure.

Amelia — ASAP:

Frankly, I let dudes see me without makeup right away, cause, duh, they sleep over and I wake up without it on! In terms of, like, meeting up for a date without makeup, well, I don’t go out for a date with anyone (girlfriends etc.) without a little bit on, but I don’t do anything weird at all, like wake up early to put makeup on, to hide my real natural beauty from a dude.

Wendy — Sleepover #1:

A guy will see me without makeup on on the first sleepover if not before. If he can’t deal with my face, I can’t deal with him.

Anonymous — 2-3 months:

I would say I go a month trying to avoid letting him see me without makeup. Then, for, like, another month, I strip it down to, when necessary, mascara, blush, and some lip stuff. I’d say after three months I give up and all bets are off. At that point, you’ve boned each other enough times that you pretty much know what you’re dealing with, and any type of “concealment” is impossible.