“Annexed,” A Tale Of Anne Frank’s Hot — And Fictional — Sex Life

Anne Frank’s hormones are not the first thing that comes to mind when one remembers the world’s most famous teenage girl. But Sharon Dogar, a young adult author, has made it so in a fictionalized version of Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl. Annexed is an allegedly a “racy diary” about Anne’s relationship with Peter Van Pels, who hid from the Nazis alongside the Frank family in an Amsterdam office building — including a story about the youngsters having sex. According to the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper, Annexed includes “graphic” descriptions of Peter’s desire for Anne. (Flirtations between the two are hinted at in Diary of a Young Girl, but not explicitly described.) Dogar has admitted it is “pure conjecture” in Annexed that Anne Frank and Peter Van Pels had sex— although, understandably, one of Anne’s surviving cousins is still majorly pissed off.

Apparently Anne’s illusions allusions to her blooming sexuality, as published in an unedited “definitive edition” of her diary, aren’t sexy enough for teen readers? In addition to being exploitative, it’s very insulting of Dogar to assume a piece of literature needs to be sexed up in order for teens to enjoy it.

I defend Sharon Dogar’s right as an artist to tawdry-ify Anne Frank’s story in Annexed, but the book sounds tacky.

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