A.P.C. Sale: The Best Of What’s Left

It’s summer sales time, which means we might be able to afford something from French retailer A.P.C. without a trace of buyer’s remorse. Somehow, A.P.C. manages to be distinctly Parisian yet gives a nod to American sportswear as well. While we wouldn’t call the sale clothing Cheapskate finds, the items are still pretty tempting, especially since some are 50 percent off the original price. So here’s the best of the A.P.C. sale, and remember to order quickly before your size is all gone.

A.P.C. Sale
Painter Blouse, $105
Trousers, $100
Shoulder Strap Top, $30
Shirt Dress, $110
Button Pinafore Dress, $105
Safari Jumpsuit, $115
Catherine Shorts, $85
Cap-Sleeve Dress, $140
Short-Sleeve Jumpsuit, $140
Belted Dress, $170
70’s Style T-Shirt, $40
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