Fashion Designers, There’s An App For That

For parents of aspiring designers, get out your iPhone. Style Studio Fashion Designer is the newest fashion app and is perfectly appropriate for younger designer wannabes, allowing the future Alexander Wangs and Zac Posens of the world to begin their collections for the reasonable price of $1.99. Hand over the phone to your stylish kiddie and watch as they drain your battery while creating their first collection. Future designers can select one of 27 clothing items and create away — switching up material, color, cut, and pattern — then putting in their own special touch on the piece with embellishments to their liking. After the garment is finished, test out the look on a model and accessorize her with sunglasses and shoes. Of course there’s a social media aspect to the app, as it allows your newest designer to show off their brilliance through Facebook and Twitter. [Appolicious]