5 Engagement Nightmares You Won’t Believe

Getting engaged is supposed to be a dream come true, right? For most couples it’s one of the happiest moments of their lives, but for others … not so much. And every once in a while you hear about a true engagement nightmare. After the jump, some women share their not-so-wonderful engagement stories that may make you wanna say, “I don’t!”

“My engagement was marred shortly after my fiancé proposed to me. He made the mistake of phoning his mother immediately after to tell her the good news, but unfortunately our engagement was disappointing to her. She was loud enough on the phone that even my fiancé couldn’t hide how upset she was. So, instead of being happy that my boyfriend proposed, I cried whenever I told people I was engaged.” – Bobbi, Houston, TX

“A guy once proposed to me right before riding a mechanical bull at a bar. I forgave him for that, as it’s something we enjoyed often. However, much of our engagement ended up revolving around a whole lifestyle based on that. I was into it, too, but there are other things in life and he didn’t seem to understand that. You don’t even want to know about the related décor in his house.” – Janice, Riverside, CA

“While I love my husband dearly, our engagement period was horrible. He finally proposed while I was in the hospital in labor with our first child. He even had the minister come to the delivery room so we could officially be married before the baby came. Childbirth is beautiful and the gesture was romantic, but I was screaming in pain throughout, and I really was uncomfortable with the minister (a stranger) being present while I was in that vulnerable state. We were pronounced man and wife mere minutes before our baby was born.” – Jennifer, Jacksonville, FL

“If by engagement, you mean the period between the proposal and the actual wedding — ours sucked. My folks had disowned me and his folks used us to run their business while they slept off their hangovers. It didn’t take us long to leave the state.” – Anne, Council Bluffs, IA

“My first engagement felt kind of forced because the guy had proposed to me in front of his parents. I did have initial thoughts of marrying him and would have said yes, even if the proposal had been private. But there was always so much pressure to perform in that relationship. It almost felt as if I was back in school being graded for every move I made. I felt judged, not just by him, but by his entire family. It was not a situation I was comfortable being in for the rest of my life.” – Summer, Los Angeles