Why Do Guys Decide To Tie The Knot?

It’s wedding season! Which means you’ve heard the story of how your friend met her soon-to-be-husband like 75 times. But I wonder what the story would sound like from his perspective? I know I’ve often wondered what makes men want to make the jump from trying to get you back to their place for the night to trying to get you to spend forever with them. After the jump, five guys share their reasons for saying “I do.”

“I got married because of trash. I was knocking door-to-door because the city council was going change their trash pickup policy from weekly to bi-weekly. On one porch step, Denise said, ‘What does this meeting consist of?’ I said, ‘This meeting consists of us being united to keep trash pickup to once per week.’ Denise went to the meeting and on a date with me. I met my spouse over trash.” – Michael, Saginaw, MI

“We started dating when we were 14 years old. By 18 years old, we knew it was destiny. I formally asked her to be wife my first year at college. We wanted to wait two years, but moved the date up because she was pregnant. Our daughter was two months early. My wife’s grandfather passed on, never knowing my wife was pregnant when we married.” – Randy, Huntsville, AL

“Some guys just want to have children. Marriage is the socially acceptable way of doing that. Some know they have found their soul mate. I have a life partner, friend and lover. She understands me like nobody else does, and we know we are in it together.” – Ron, New York

“Of course it feels good to brag to the guys about how you’ve hooked up with the hottest chick in town, but the fact is, guys get married because they need women to take care of them. All of that aside, guys who get married because of infatuation might learn that their wife has spent their kid’s college money on herself, while guys who know they need a mature life partner might find just that.” – Dan, Seymour, IN

“I was as in love as a 22-year-old idiot could be. But knowing that our wedding vows pretty much forced the poor woman to sleep with me was most appealing. Then I grew up and realized that I couldn’t live without her, literally. My wife’s main job is to make sure I don’t accidentally kill myself. What more could a man want?” – Frank, McHenry, IL