How To Get Out Of Bad Love Habits And Into A Relationship

So what’s a bad love habit? Any dysfunctional, destructive, difficult belief or habit you have towards love and relationships that’s keeping you from finding, attracting, and/or maintaining a healthy relationship.

The following are some common bad love habits: * Do you choose potential partners who are incapable of meeting your emotional needs?

* Do you think love has to be difficult, painful, and/or hard?

* Do you think your potential partner is going to fix whatever it is that you don’t like about yourself or your life?

* Do you believe time is running out on your search for love and/or your chance to have children?

If any of the above sound familiar, don’t worry. You’re not a lost cause. In fact, with a little time and effort, you can turn things around! What follows are five simple and effective tips and techniques geared towards helping you break free of limiting relationship beliefs and bad love habits. Practiced over time, you can and will kick any bad love habit — for good! Read more

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