How To Buy Shorts For Summer

Shorts are a tricky and generally unflattering beast. But when the temperature is pushing 90 and the mere thought of jeans is vomit-inducing, it’s hard not to acknowledge the benefits of a nice demi pant. Before you rush out and buy a pair that strangles your thigh or drowns your calves, though, keep these few tips in mind.

  • Know what length works for you. There is no “good” length for shorts; it’s entirely dependent upon your height and weight distribution. Unless you have teeny, tiny legs, hot pants aren’t the best choice. Give yourself 2-4 inches of material below the crotch line to avoid hanging out all over the place.
  • If you’re tentative about trying shorts at all, a fitted pair that extends a couple inches above the knee will flatter without leaving you too exposed.
  • Got a little extra cushion around your upper thighs? Camouflage it with a relaxed fit pair that extends and inch beyond the cushier zones. A stiff cuff, too, will help with that.
  • Beware of awkward arse pockets. Shorts aren’t typically as tight as jeans, so the pockets that might be fine elsewhere may not cut it there.
  • Trendy shorts are hard to pull off. Drop crotch? Careful there, kids. Cargo? Watch out.
  • Your denim shorts don’t need to be distressed to the point where they look like dish rags. Really, they don’t need to be distressed almost at all. Keep it classy with a dark wash and minimal fading/ripping.