Would You Rather … Get Married In A Bikini À La Pam Anderson Or In Your High School Prom Dres

Welcome to Would You Rather, a game in which we concoct hypothetical style dilemmas and ask you to choose which option’s worse.

OK people, time for another round of our just-for-kicks-and-giggles game. Seeing as it’s both wedding and prom season, we decided to consider them both in this challenge. So, would you rather … get married in a string bikini à la Pamela Anderson (even if your wedding wasn’t at the beach!) or use your senior prom dress as your wedding gown? Some things to consider: go the bathing suit route and you’ll be nearly naked in front of your entire family. (Although, who knows, maybe your prom dress was just as slutty?) And, while the prom gown option seems more realistic, there’s a good chance you now have recurring nightmares about it. (We do.) Sound off in the comments below!