World Cup Soccer Hotties Get Naked, Down, And Dirty For You

Meet Oguchi Onyewu, a 28-year-old World Cup Soccer player from Maryland who plays for AC Milan in Italy. His name means “God fights my battles,” he enjoys Lil Wayne, and he pleads the Fifth when it comes to his dating life. Looks like a girl could do some laundry on those washboard abs. Today’s hottie is part of an Interview assemblage of some of the literally hottest American players who are making it big playing soccer. The other footballers-turned-models are Benny Feilhaber (sorry, kids, Amelia has called dibs already), Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, and Jonathan Bornstein. If you can stand it, watch the video of their modeling session, featuring sweaty man boobs, slow-motion pectorals, and general soccer sexiness. Oh, and, you’re welcome. [Interview]