This Month In The Lady Mags: Heatin’ Up In July

The July 2010 issues of women’s magazines are on newsstands now. So which of these suckers will make for the best plane ride and/or lazy afternoon in the park? After the jump, we’ve rounded up the highlights from each magazine so you can see which is worth your $3.99.Glamour
Bizarrely, when I saw the cover of this month’s Glamour, I couldn’t stop staring at Jessica Biel’s … eyelashes. Seriously. But in her cover story, I’ve discovered that they are falsies. Sigh. I personally loved that this is the cheapskate issue, featuring oodles of fashion spreads where all the clothes are $50 to $100—a good thing, since that’s usually all I’m willing to pay. I also loved the story “Five Lessons I Learned From The Wrong Guy,” and piece on how Lisa Ling fought tirelessly to get her sister Laura freed from North Korea. Oh, and I will so be using the directions on page 36 for how to tie your hair in a bow, à la Lady Gaga.
Grade: B

Marie Claire
Is it just me, or does Taylor Swift look kind of sickly and vacant-eyed here? Luckily, the story on her is great—revealing that she bought her tour bus from Cher and freaks her manager out by hugging everyone she comes in contact with. The fashion in this issue was gorgeous—but, hi, it’s summer and I don’t want to think about the fall yet. I did, however, love the story about “Project Runway” winner Seth Aaron Henderson who makes black and white pop in all sorts of “Beetlejuice” ways. Another highlight of the issue was the story, “Where the Boys Are,” which debunks the myths we tell ourselves about single men in our respective cities. I’m relieved to know that the single-straight-man-to-single-straight-woman-ratio in New York City isn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined.
Grade: A

Holler! It’s the music issue! There are so many great things in here I don’t even know where to start. Loved the piece on unlikely buds Catherine Malandrino and Mary J. Blige, who are designing a line together. Also dug the spreads on making grunge look grown-up—including how to dress like a character in “Reality Bites” and “Singles.” Was fascinated by the story on “love hotels” in South America, where folks go for discrete trysts. Rihanna’s cover story was intriguing, and the photos took leopard print to a whole new level. And loved the features on ladies in music, ranging from Ke$ha and Alicia Keys to Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Like. Oh, and the last-page Q&A is with Slash! Swoon.
Grade: A+

Harper’s Bazaar
This issue was weak on features. Both the Katherine Heigl and Bristol Palin interviews were eh, echoing things we’ve already heard them say a bunch of times. However, I did love the short interview on attorney Gloria Allred—who’s known for representing the mistresses of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, and oh, pretty much everyone involved in a scandal ever. She opens up about her more low-profile cases and the history of abuse that got her involved in representing wronged women. Fashion highlights include editor’s pick for the best accessories and dressing fabulous at any age, both focusing on rocking militaristic colors in the bright times of summer. Will do.
Grade: B-

I am loving the celebrities in Vogue this month. The profile of cover girl Marion Cotillard shows the actress more as a sweet chef and environmentalist than a star. The always charming Ewan McGregor also makes a guest appearance, having his dapperness perfectly captured in a ’50s-inspired fashion shoot. This also brings up some important health conversations with articles that examine “super sunscreens” and just how dangerous cell phone radiation is. Uh, the outlook is not so good. Overall, the fashion features are about bright hues and chic cuts instead of the now overplayed disorderly rocker look.
Grade: A-

I won’t lie, Allure generally bores. But something about it makes it great beach reading—it’s mostly pictures and it requires very little thought. I appreciate that they put the gorgeous Diane Kruger on the cover. And that on this month’s Lust/Must page, all of the cheaper “must” items were way better than their expensive siblings. I also liked the feature with Robin Matthews, who showed how she made Kristen Stewart look so lovely onscreen in “Eclipse.” That said, the poem to the anchors of Fox News, the “Foxy News Channel,” as the magazine puts it, was just weird.
Grade: C