Quickies: Is Stella McCartney Really Pregnant Again & What Is That Annoying Noise At The World Cup?

  • Is Stella McCartney pregnant? Rumors say she is going to have a fourth child. [Daily Mail]
  • Adam Lambert made another major statement. This time he shaved and bedazzled his head. [StyleList]
  • When did you first learn about sex? One health agency in Europe wants to start sex-ed as early as kindergarten. [TrèsSugar]

  • That annoying buzzing sound coming from your TV while you were watching the World Cup doesn’t mean your TV is broken; it’s just the South African vuvuzela! [PopEater]
  • Can’t do more than one thing at once? With this important kitchen tool, you can now have time to cook dinner and get all your other chores done at the same time. [Maxim.com]
  • The gray area between being too needy and having no self-respect is now somewhat defined. Are you too needy? [CollegeCandy]
  • Animals in cleavage. Why not? [Manofest]