Pucker Up! 10 Celebs Dish About Their First Kiss

celebrity first kisses diane kruger jpg
You never really forget your first kiss. Embarrassingly, mine happened backstage during a performance of “West Side Story” when I was 12. Onstage, Tony and Maria sang “Somewhere” while behind the scenes my pancake base smeared all over my dude’s face as we played tonsil hockey. I think the fact that I was a Shark and he was the brother of a Jet upped the ante. I felt a little bit better about my awkward kiss when Diane Kruger recounted her first smooch in a recent Allure interview. “I remember the music I kissed to,” she said. “‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie, Sade, Depeche Mode. I still love that stuff.” “Hello” is way more embarrassing than “Somewhere.” Thanks, Diane! After the jump, some more celebrity first kiss stories. [PopEater]
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