Outox: The Anti-Alcohol Drink Causing A Stir In France

There comes a moment (or a couple hundred) in every young woman’s life when she says to herself, Man, I wish I hadn’t been so effing drunk. Of course, the natural remedy to these scenarios would be to, um, not drink? Or, you could drink Outox. The beverage, which was released today in France, has been called “magic” and “revolutionary,” as ingesting it supposedly lowers the alcohol content in your bloodstream rapidly. Which, claims Outox makers, would make you less drunk as well as help prevent hangovers. The drink is being met with quite a bit of criticism from the Frenchies. Some think Outox could encourage reckless behavior (like binge drinking or driving when intoxicated), especially when the beverage’s claims aren’t backed with scientific proof. The uproar, however, could just have something to do with tarnishing the French image of refined drunkenness and sophisticated wine palates. You should have seen what happened when they introduced the screw-top wine bottle here. Quel désastre. [Sky News]