A Blond Mustache Is Still A Mustache

Women have been battling excess hair problems for years, and the sun has always been one of the best, not to mention free, solutions because it bleaches hair blond, making it pretty much undetectable. But let’s just clear one thing up, ladies, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, when you have a mustache … you have a mustache. Just because it’s blond doesn’t mean that no one can see it. And, unfortunately, we haven’t seen a woman since Frida Kahlo who could pull off upper lip fuzz.Women do all different types of things to get rid of unwanted hair — waxing, laser treatments, Nair, and even shaving — yet some women think that bleach is one of those things that eliminates their mustache problems. Correction: all bleaching does is just that — bleach the hair — it does not remove it. A blond mustache may not be as noticeable, but it’s still there, albeit more Spencer Pratt-like.

So how exactly should you remove your ‘stache? While there are options such as Electrolysis and laser hair removal, which we’ve already mentioned as one of the beauty treatments to never try again, these methods tend to be very expensive and painful. Nair and other cream depilatories have a very similar result to shaving: they don’t remove the hair follicle; they simply break the strand at the base. Epilators, which are basically electronic tweezers, aren’t the best option either. This method may be effective and similar to waxing, but with the face being such a sensitive part of the body, epilators tend to be more painful because it takes longer than waxing to remove the hair.

This summer the cheapest, convenient, and probably most effective method for removing that facial hair is waxing. For less than $10, a professional will wax your ‘stache at a salon or spa. But there are waxing kits that can be purchased either online or at your local pharmacy — Sally Hansen and GiGi make good at-home waxing kits. It hurts for all of one second, and then the pain is gone. It removes the hair and keeps you de-fuzzed for about a month.

So rather than walk around with a mustache that you think is invisible, why not actually get rid of it? It’s summertime, after all. And this is your time to shine.