Greyhound Employee Steals Bus For Love

Greyhound employee Duane Snipes (most amazing name ever, BTW) recently caused a terror scare when he hijacked a $600,000 bus from New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. But he wasn’t really trying to commit grand larceny as charged. At first, he tried to cover up the truth by telling authorities he was starting his own tour line, that he just needed to give his daughter a ride to school, and that he was in the mood for a little joyride. But his crazy tales were no match for the truth. He finally cracked, admitting the real reason for the theft. Turns out Snipes was only borrowing the bus for love. He simply wanted to pay his girlfriend up north in Mount Vernon a visit. Yeah, that makes total sense. Nothing says romance like a giant bus. If only Bret Michaels had thought of that on “Rock of Love.” Oh wait, he did. [AOL]