And The Prize Goes To … The Worst Father’s Day Gift

Last week, we asked you to reveal the worst gift you ever gave your dad for Father’s Day, in the hopes of winning a $100 Nautica gift card. I thought I’d given my dad some really horrible gifts, but you all had me LOLing at the ridiculousness of your gifts. But there can only be one winner … and the prize goes to mannequin for this comment:

“Oh geez … I went through an extended ‘phase’ of giving my dad candles for any gift-giving occasion. I knew darn well he didn’t want candles, but I liked to eat them, yep … I ate candles when I was little.
I couldn’t get away with giving them to my mom because she liked candles. Dad, however, would always make an excuse to graciously give me back the candle. At which point I would eat the candle.
Why did they let me eat candles?”

Read four honorable mentions after the jump.Ginger:

“A handmade card saying how glad I was that he had got a vasectomy soon after I was born. So, despite his history of promiscuity, I knew I was the only one wishing him a happy Father’s Day. 

He thought it was hilarious and then reminded me that, when I officially started ‘taking after him’, I needed to be on birth control.”

“I once gave a cactus to my dad!! In addition, I wrapped the cactus in paper so he received cuts on his hands as he unwrapped this stupid gift!
Worst gift EVER!”


“When I was 10 I made my dad breakfast and gave him a fishing vest. 
I couldn’t cook at 10,so breakfast was soggy groot loops and a microwaved hotpocket. And now that I’m older I realize why he smiled and chewed tha breakfast so delivereltey, and only put on the vest when we were far away from other fishers at the lake (the vest was straight up fug, and this is by by fisherman’s fashion standards) 

It’s like parenting in reverse – my parents made me eat my veggies and wear my coat wheni twas cold for my own wellbeing.And now my dad ate food and wore fugly things for me to show he loved me. =)”


“When I was little, I don’t remember how old, I bought a sweatshirt to write ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ on it in puffy paint. Unfortunately, I wrote ‘Whord’s Gratest Dad’ in crooked, basically illegible letters, the sweatshirt was neon teal, and despite the fact that my dad is 6’3″ and probably a good 280 pounds, it was a women’s medium. He acted like he was happy to get it, but couldn’t even wear it once to be nice because he couldn’t even get an arm in! It all worked out fine though, because I found it in my parents’ basement last year and now I wear it to bed sometimes.”

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