Duct Tape Prom Dresses That Are Not Only Wearable But Fashionable

While most girls search for months to find the perfect prom dress, and even set up Facebook pages so there are no doubles, select teens get a little crafty for their big day. Instead of spending hours (and hundreds of dollars) at the mall, they stock up on duct tape and get to designing as part of the annual Stuck at Prom Contest hosted by Duck Brand. But this year’s a little different, since it’s the 10th anniversary. To make the celebration just a little bit more special, this year’s contest comes along with a major grand prize — $3,000 in scholarship money for you and your date. So, while teens were creative before, it’s an entirely new game now. The designs of the top 10 couples currently in the running range from a “Singing in the Rain” number to a paint-splattered design to an Old Victorian-inspired look — all of which are way more innovative than anything I (or MacGyver) could dream up with a roll of duct tape. [Duck Brand]