A Dating Site For Music Buffs

I won’t lie—when I get a message from a guy through an online dating site, I read it, then look at a photo or two, and then see what bands he lists as his favorite. Yes, it’s shallow and I assure you that I do look at other biographical details, too. Not that it’s sooo vital, but I love a guy who has great taste in music—the ideal is someone who enjoys what’s on my iPod, but can also introduce me to new stuff. Yes, I am a music snob and the way to my heart is through a good mix CD. (And, uh, being an awesome person—but that’s a point for another post.) So I’m thinking that Tastebuds.fm is kind of a great idea. It works one of two ways—you can manually input your favorite bands, or it can scan your Last.fm playlists and match you up with single folks in your area who like the same music you do. The more bands you put in, the more matches you get. And so far, the dudes in here look like something to sing about. Sorry, had to. [Crushable]