Today’s Lady News: No More ‘Round The World Sailing, Young Ladies!

  • A Dutch court has extended a ban on allowing 14-year-old Laura Dekker to sail around the world solo. Dekker is hoping to beat Australian Jessica Watson’s record of being the youngest girl to sail around the world at age 16. The judge who extended the ban against Dekker’s plans until August said the court has “concerns for her social-emotional and identity development.” We think they’re probs just freaked out over 16-year-old Abby Sunderland’s recent dramz. [AFP]
  • Model Crystal Renn has responded to “Britain’s Next Top Model” judge Julien Macdonald’s comment that having a plus-size model on the show would be a “joke.” Renn wrote a piece for the London-based Independent begging to do away with the term plus size. “Part of the problem is this focus on straight sizes and plus sizes,” she wrote. “It is creating an ‘us and them’ mentality. We need to change the way we approach the whole thing, and do away with these terms. All we are is a bunch of models, no matter what size.” [The Independent]
  • A mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was asked to cover up or go someplace else to breastfeed her infant son at Big Splash Water Park. Tina Russell said she was watching her other child play in the pool and does not think other parents should be offended that she stayed put to feed her littlest one. In any case, OK state law protects mothers who breastfeed in public. [KTUL]

  • A lesbian couple in Memphis, Tennessee, has successfully changed the “family pass” policy at the U-Memphis recreational center. The two wives and their kids were turned away because they are not legally married in TN, but were wed in a non-legal ceremony in 2008. After they were told they had to provide a legal document to prove they were a family, a public outcry ensued. U-Memphis is now reworking the definition of “family” for its policies. [WREG]
  • Louisiana women who seek an abortion must now undergo an ultrasound first, regardless of whether they are a victim of rape or incest. The ultrasound bill passed both LA’s House and Senate and is supported by Governor Bobby Jindal. []
  • Lawmakers in South Carolina have extended the waiting period for women seeking an abortion. Can someone explain to me how this makes sense, because I honestly don’t get it. [The State]
  • The Washington women’s press corps played softball against the congressional women’s team and kicked their ass! Interestingly, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor stayed in the stands. [MSNBC]
  • Alexis Thompson, 15, has become the youngest female golfer to go professional after signing a recent endorsement deal. [New York Times]
  • You know what sounds cool? College students at “Feminist Summer Camp”! []


  • A village in India is encouraging parents not to kill their baby girls by giving families 10 mango or lychee trees whenever a baby girl is born. Many weddings in rural areas of India still involve dowries and parents say that selling mangoes or lychees helps pay off the dowry costs. [BBC]
  • A special education teacher who is a lesbian has accepted a settlement regarding a discrimination lawsuit she filed against Tor Bank School in Northern Ireland. The woman said the principal had made sexual advances on her, after she informed him she was gay. When he learned she was a lesbian, she said she became subject to bullying and harassing behavior at the school. [BBC]
  • A lesbian British police officer who committed suicide left a note in which she said her colleagues were homophobic towards her. Lara Golden, 28, passed away last Sunday at her home. The police she worked with said Golden had never filed a formal complaint about homophobic comments. [The Sun]
  • Canadian opera singer Maureen Forrester passed away yesterday at 79. In her prime, she sang in as many as 120 concerts a year. [Globe & Mail]