Taylor Momsen’s New EP Slightly Redeems Her

Taylor Momsen’s band, The Pretty Reckless, released its first EP online today. Up until this point, I was pretty content to hate on Momsen for her constant snarling and black-lidded eye-rolling about the pains of fame. She’s always struck me as a snotty tween caught in her rebellious stage, and I worried that The Pretty Reckless was just an excuse for the “Gossip Girl” star to wear ripped tights all the time. Well, this EP has proved me at least partially wrong. This band is actually talented and has created four quality songs. Momsen can sing! She has a surprisingly big voice for a 16-year-old waif; although, she’s still trying too hard to sell us on her punkness by alluding to drug use and underage sex in her lyrics. Overall, we are seeing quite a few Jenny Humphrey connections in Momsen’s tunes. After the jump, we sample the songs and wax philosophic on the Jenny parallels.

The Song: “Make Me Wanna Die”
The Vibe: This is The Pretty Reckless’ first single. While the official video just looks like a collection of Facebook profile pictures, the song is pretty intoxicating. The combination of the loud guitars is rocking and the vocal fluctuations serve as a good showcase of Momsen’s singing abilities.
Jenny Humphrey Would Listen To This: During this year’s season finale, when she hit rock bottom. After Nate told her he wasn’t into her, she slept with Chuck even though … ick, and her whole family hated her—this song would’ve seemed appropriate.

The Song: “My Medicine”
The Vibe: With the overpowering mix of drums and guitar with Momsen’s brash vocals, this track reminds me of The White Stripes or The Yeah Yeahs Yeahs. But the lyrical content is lacking. Singing about drugs has been done before and more creatively, too.
Jenny Humphrey Would Listen To This: Earlier this season when she became a drug dealer. She could’ve listened to it while making that vest of prescription pills.

The Song: “Goin’ Down”
The Vibe: This song mixes more mainstream vocals with hard rock guitar. That said, the song’s indecision over pace can be a a little confusing. But with Momsen belting out lyrics about killing a man, you may not notice.
Jenny Humphrey Would Listen To This: In the “Gossip Girl” series premiere, when Chuck took her on the roof and tried to take advantage of her.

The Song: “Zombie”
The Vibe: Momsen seems to have a bit of a vendetta against the general public in this track. I quote, “Again, again you want me to fall on my head/I am, I am, I am a zombie?” Well, at least the zombie thing explains all the dark makeup and stone-faced stares? This is my least favorite track—the band probably put it last for a reason.
Jenny Humphrey Would Listen To This: When Eleanor Waldorf tried to cash in on her designs in season two, and she decided to quit to start her own fashion line. After all, this song is about sticking it to the man.

To listen to the full EP, click here. What do you think?