Statue Of Liberty Barbie Arrives On Ellis Island

This is the 30th anniversary of the Barbie Dolls of the World Collection, and Mattel chose to celebrate this milestone with a special exhibit on Ellis Island, a fitting place since that is where millions of immigrants first landed in the U.S. The dolls in the collection represent 40 nations across seven continents. I was delighted to see three dolls that I actually own from the collection — Moroccan Barbie, South African Barbie, and Native American Barbie — at the exhibit. But I was especially excited to peep the latest additions to the Dolls of the World series. Statue of Liberty Barbie, Big Ben Barbie, and Eiffel Tower Barbie make up the new Dolls of the World Landmark Collection. All three dolls were designed by Linda Kyaw and are decked out in gowns representing their specific landmark. Check out more pics of the Landmark Collection after the jump, and fingers crossed that Mattel adds a Sphinx Barbie. What landmark would you like to see Barbie represent?

Statue of Liberty Barbie

Big Ben Barbie

Eiffel Tower Barbie