Religious Fanatic Kills Her Daughter With A Bible

Religious fanaticism is just scary. Julia Lovemore and her husband are both Christian fundamentalists with mental health issues. And I’m legitimately heartbroken to hear that Julia killed her six-week-old baby, Faith Lovemore, by stuffing Bible pages in her mouth and then smothering her a year ago. Julia explains what happened. “I sat in my bedroom and I was ripping pages out of my Bible,” she said. “I put some small bits of paper in Faith’s mouth and she spat them out. For some reason, I sat on her, I was crying. I was bouncing on the bed. I don’t know why I was sitting on her. I got bi-polar.” She also doused her older daughter “in white spirit,” though she was miraculously unharmed.

What’s even more disturbing is that mental health professionals knew the Lovemores’ children were living in danger. When Mrs. Lovemore was pregnant, a psychologist concluded that there was a “high risk” of a bi-polar relapse and suggested it was necessary to monitor her. Their older daughter was also put on the “at risk register” in 2006, after her mom hit her with a hairbrush. Even the day of this incident, a psychiatric nurse visited the house and heard Mr. Lovemore shouting, “Take the devil out of Julia.” She bailed to “consult with experts,” while Faith was dead or dying somewhere in the house. It’s not fair to blame the social workers, but where were child services? What’s the point of acknowledging that someone is at risk if there are no intentions to do anything about it?

Yesterday, it was decided that Julia Lovemore would be “detained indefinitely” under the mental health act after pleading guilty to “manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.” There was no mention about what happened to the couple’s other daughter, but I’m praying they didn’t leave her with her father. There needs to be a superhero who just protects children—between these parents and the ones who named their kid Adolph Hitler, they will definitely have their hands full. Kids are not like a cactus that you can avoid watering for a few weeks—they’re fragile, miniature people. Just. Too. Horrible. [Daily Mail]