One Size Fits All or One Size Fits Small?

Women come in all different shapes and sizes, between the pears and apples, the shapes goes on and on. But what size is the right size? There is no right size, in fact, all women are beautiful in their own way regardless of what shape category they fall under. Shopping for clothing when you’re a pear, an apple or other stereotyped shape is never as easy as the magazines make it seem. While one size fits all clothing is supposed to fit all women, just because it can cover your ass, doesn’t mean it will make your ass look good.

Many different designers, especially in the world of high end fashion, label their clothing as one size fits all in an effort to accommodate all womens’ needs, however, all it is really doing is creating an image of who should be wearing their clothing and who shouldn’t without saying it. One size fits all clothing tries to define an average and acceptable size for which women should fit in order to wear the clothing … rude. Not to mention it is offensive to many women because it infers that if you are not small enough to fit into the clothing, you simply can’t wear it.

What happens when women are not between size zero and twelve, does this mean that they cannot be trendy and fashionable too? So Ladies, how do you feel about one size fits all clothing? Do you think designers should stop being so narrow minded, and allow women of all sizes to rock their styles too?