How To Do The Summer Sales Right

The one good thing about the ridiculously accelerated pace of fashion is the fact that sales often start soon after the season does. And ladies, sale time is upon us! Neiman Marcus is already on it, Net-A-Porter is on their game and smaller stores, too, are about to start. Basically, you’ve got limited time to get your shopping s**t together and formulate a strategy. We’ve got a few tips.

  • First up, this is the time to buy things you can’t otherwise buy. Skip the basket full of American Apparel T-shirts at $2 off and splurge on a sale piece that’s really high quality.
  • Unless it’s classic or you’ve got a very specific use for it — like an upcoming wedding — don’t buy a cocktail dress that’s exclusively summer-y. Instead, go for a neutral fabric that works now or in the fall/winter with a shawl or shrug.
  • If you’re waiting for the deep discounts in a few weeks, know now that trendy summer sandals are a bad investment. Right now is a good time to get a hot pair about 30% off, but wait much longer and you’ll have just a couple weeks to wear them.
  • Any basics you can grab on sale are a win. Tees? You wear them now and you’ll wear them in months. Jeans? Unless you’re talking about white ones, they don’t change much season to season, so grab them on sale immediately.
  • This is the perfect time to buy a swimsuit. Most of them are on sale at this point and you’ve still got a bunch of beach days ahead of you.
  • Jewelry typically isn’t particularly seasonal, so go crazy if you find some you’re really into.
  • As long as you stay away from anything incredibly trendy or very obviously tied to this season, there’s no reason not to buy a summer bag way on sale and use it again next year.
  • Classic spring and summer work clothes are worth storing for a season if you can find a good deal. A khaki sheath dress, for example, will still be classy next year.