Guy Rejects iPad In Favor Of Boredom

Meet Peter Bregman, a New York-based management consultant and my hero of the day. Like many other technophiles, Peter waited in line for hours to get his new iPad. He took it home, he emailed, browsed and Netflixed to his heart’s desire. It did pretty much everything he could ever hope for in a gadget. So why did he return it a week later? Because it robbed him of something very valuable: his boredom. “Being bored is a precious thing, a state of mind we should pursue. Once boredom sets in, our minds begin to wander, looking for something exciting, something interesting to land on. And that’s where creativity arises … to lose those moments, to replace them with tasks and efficiency, is a mistake. What’s worse is that we don’t just lose them. We actively throw them away … I can’t not use [the iPad] if it’s there. And, unfortunately, it’s always there. So I returned it. Problem solved,” Peter said on his blog.

Amen to that. I don’t have an iPad, iPhone, or even a television, but my iBook is king at home. Every once in a while, I have a moment where my feelings of hatred and resentment for it overpower my fear that I would cease to exist without it. There’s a certain anxiety that comes from overdosing on technology. That feeling that you always should be doing something productive and if you’re not, you’re lame or lazy. I am going to make an effort to spend more time being bored this summer. Like staring out the window at the clouds or lying in the park. Thanks for reminding me, Peter. [AOL]