Fearlessly Fit: Amelia Tackles Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings

Allow me to give you a little background on my history with fitness. Don’t worry, this won’t take long. I danced a bit as a kid; I learned how to surf in Costa Rica; I’ve taken yoga off and on for three years or so, focusing on Bikram yoga in the last six months, although, um, I haven’t gone in a month; I have tried “running,” with embarrassing results, although Ami’s essay on completing her first half-marathon was inspiring. I also ride my bike a lot during the summer, but only around my neighborhood and not in any way that could be described as physically challenging. I’ve belonged to a few gyms over the years, but working out has always been a struggle simply because I have very little interest in it. In short, fitness has always bored the crap out of me and with the exception of a new challenge — like surfing — I have never looked forward to it. That all changed with Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings.For our new video series “Fearlessly Fit,” I am embarking on a bit of a fitness challenge to try out some of the more unusual and fun fitness activities that are hot right now. To start off, I tackled Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings at Crunch Gym, a class that is based on anti-gravity yoga, which most people recognize from Pink’s performance at the Grammy Awards. In the video above, my awesome instructor Ilaria explains just what Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings is and teaches me a variety of poses utilizing the anti-gravity yoga “hammock.” The strength-building and cardio poses were seriously a challenge — doing traditional yoga poses but with the “assistance” of the hammock caused my body to use muscles I had no idea existed. The cardio work doesn’t look like much on screen, but lemme tell you, I ached for days afterward.

As you might expect, given my history with working out, my favorite poses involved hanging upside down. Ilaria told me that even in the hammock, the inversion poses give you the same results and benefits as, say, a regular headstand would in traditional yoga. This was awesome for me — inversions have always been a source of frustration for me, because I don’t trust that I won’t fall and hurt myself and lack the core strength to stay in pose. Being able to hang upside down and stretch my legs and hips in various ways was so comfortable and relaxing and, well, blissful, I could have stayed there for days. Days I tell you!

For more information on the Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings classes offered through Crunch Gym, click here.

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