Cops Called To Bust Justin Bieber For Drinking, But Find He’s A She Instead

Apparently, Bieber Fever and the existence of Biebans is confusing the police. Last week, law enforcement in a Maryland town received a call from a patron at the Mug and Mallet bar saying that Justin Bieber was at the establishment and being served drinks. With word that the 16-year-old Beebs was boozing, the cops cruised over and began searching the bar for “an underage drinker with a bowl haircut and a tiny frame.” When police located the drinker who matched the description, it turned out to be a 27-year-old woman named Katie. The cops mustn’t keep up with the latest issues of Tiger Beat, because they couldn’t tell Katie wasn’t the singing sensation. She said that the police wouldn’t leave until she took out her ID to prove that she and Bieber are not the same person, or even the same sex. I guess it’s a compliment to be mistaken for someone 11 years younger than you, but this also may be a sign that it is time to change your haircut. Regardless, Katie seemed cool with the misunderstanding. She says she gets mistaken for Bieber all the time. Maybe she could become an impersonator? [TMZ]