A Drunk Brit Waxed His Balls For Charity And It Did Not Go Well

Earlier this month a Brit was feeling generous at a charity fundraiser, so he offered up his balls for a bikini wax at the pub. Alas, that was the day Joe Cooper, 24, learned a valuable lesson about mixing manscaping with alcohol. Other men at The Tress pub only offered up chest waxing. But Cooper, no doubt soused, agreed to a “back, sack and crack” waxing to raise money for the children’s ward at Leicester Royal Infirmary. “The other blokes wimped out but I said I’d do it,” he told The Sun newspaper. And then:

“I lay down and closed my eyes and the next thing I know I’m in horrendous pain and bleeding. I’ve never known pain like it. It sobered me up straight away. My groin looked horrible. It was red raw and burning. … It sobered me up straight away.”

Owwww. The “male Brazilian” on his testicles landed poor Coop in the hospital and now he’s growing back his testicular skin with the help of antibiotics and pain cream.

One of Cooper’s friends told the Daily Mail, “It’s a lesson that waxing your bodies should definitely be left to the women.” I’d say it’s a lesson that the only place one should wax the extremely sensitive skin on the testicles is a bondage club. And even there, no. [The Sun UK, Daily Mail UK]