10 Celebs Share Their Personal Anthems

fav song kristen stewart 061610 jpg
Everyone has that certain tune that never fails to provide exactly what you need the moment you press play. Whether the song is great to dance in your underwear to or has sympathetic lyrics to help you through a breakup, it’s almost as if the song knows you. As the tabloids say, “celebrities are just like us!” And that means they have songs they listen to obsessively, too. Kristen Stewart recently confessed that Miley Cyrus‘ “The Climb” is her personal anthem. Confusing, especially after Stewart’s turn on the big screen as rocker Joan Jett. I will admit that it is hard not to hear that song and feel a little soaring eagle of possibility inside you, but it’s also kind of corny. [MTV]

Keep reading as more stars open up about what jams they love the most.

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